The Christmas Collection #12 – December Favourite’s

Hey everyone!

Cant believe it is only 2 days till Christmas! I am so excited! I feel like a child again!

So for tonight’s post I thought I would share with you my December favourites!

Arctic Gold GHD’s


My GHD’s that I’ve had forever had finally died on me! (Sob) So I decided to invest in a new pair, I just couldn’t live without them!

Now I’m sure that there is absolutely no difference between these ones and the regular GHD’s but these ones were just so pretty I could not resist!

There is just something about these straighteners that just do something amazing to my hair. I have quite fine hair and these just straighten my hair perfectly!

Loreal True Match Foundation

I have been meaning to try this foundation for some time now so I thought I would give it a try and I’m so glad I did!


It was a little bit daunting at the Loreal counter with all the different shades, numbers and letters but I finally managed to get the right shade! The colour that I went for is a perfect match for my skin and makes me have a beautiful glow and covers over any imperfections that I may have! So far (touch wood!) it hasn’t broken me out yet either!

Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask

As we all know this time of the year can really do a number on your skin! My rescue Β has been this mask from Liz Earle!


I literally smother this mask all over my face and leave it to sink in for around 20 mins. You can see where your face has really needed the extra moisture as it dries patchy. I try and do this mask at least once a week just to give my skin that extra boost!

Make Up Revolution brushes

I picked up these brushes on a bit of a whim from Superdrug for a bargain Β£12! And I am so glad I did!


These brushes are absolutely amazing! I was so surprised at how good the quality of them are! They are soft and feel lovely applying products to the skin! The eye shadow brushes are so good at picking up the shadows to apply them too the eyes and the blending brush is perfect to blend out the shadows! I have also gave these brushes a wash just to see what they washed like. They washes lovely and when they dried they felt brand new!

Now I need to try the Make Up Revolution Bold Collection!


Rimmel Soft Kohl eye pencil in Brown


I have four myself reaching for this eye Β pencil a lot over the last few weeks. The soft brown colour just compliments so many eye looks. Sometimes black can be a little harsh so brown is a really nice alternative. As I have green eyes, the brown really does suit my eye colour.

The Rimmel eye pencil is a really nice one. The pencil is really soft and you don’t have to drag the skin. It doesn’t last an awful long time in the waterline but as a top liner it is fine!

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my December favourites πŸ˜„

Anna xx



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