The Christmas Collection #11 – The Pamper Routine!

Hey guys!

I hope you have all found yourself in the festive spirit and are looking forward to the big day in three days! Woohoo!

One of my favourite things to do on Christmas Eve is to take some time out of all the madness and have myself a Merry Little Pamper and as it is nearly that time, I thought I would share my routine with you πŸ™‚

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer


Just before I wash my hair, I like to wet my hair and put on a nice mask. The one I have been loving is Elasticizer by Phillip Kingsley. This stuff just makes my hair feel as if it has just been freshly cut by my hairdresser and all the dead ends have been taken away! The softness of Β my hair is unbelievable! Especially as I still have a bit of blonde left in the ends which is never pleasant!

Alpha H Micro Cleanse & Origins Out Of Trouble Face Mask


So just before I run myself that bath, I like to spend a little time pampering my face. After I have cleansed my skin, I like to have a n exfoliate. I usually do use the Liz Earle Exfoliate but I do like now and again to use something a little bit more exfoliating on my face. I really like the Alpha H Micro Cleanse. It is definitely not a gentle exfoliator and if you have quite sensitive skin I would try out a little first before you smother it all over your face! I like this one as I can feel it working and my face just feels so nice and smooth after πŸ™‚

I also like to add a mask to my face. I love using the origins Out Of Trouble mask. This stuff really does sort out your problem skin without leaving it really dehydrated which some clay masks can do!

Laura Mercier Β – Honey Bath in Almond Coconut Milk


If I am having a lovely relaxing evening, the first thing that I do is run myself a piping hot bath! I love adding products to my bath just to make it that little more relaxing. The product that I have been using lately is the Laura Mercier Honey Bath. This stuff is just so relaxing! It adds a lovely scent to the bath without being overpowering and makes the right amount of bubbles :). The milk to so moistersing on the skin but in a way that doesn’t make you feel as if you have just had a bath in pure oil!

Soap and Glory Smoothie Breakfast Scrub and The Righteous Butter


Just before I get out the bath, I like to rub the Breakfast Scrub all over! This stuff is brilliant and removing dry skin from all over your body. I especially love the smell of this! The maple syrup is quite strong in this so some people may find it quite sickly. I used the Soap and Glory lime shower wash so I think the two of them together really balance each other out.

Once I’m out the bath, I like to use The Righteous Butter. This product really does finish the job that the Scrub has started and takes away all that horrible dry skin you tend to get this time of the year. I just think these two products together really are a dream team! I generally do not think I have tried a product from Soap and Glory that I do not like, it is such an amazing brand!

I hope you have enjoyed my pamper routine!

Anna xx


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