The Christmas Collection #10 – The Nude Lip


Hello there!

For today’s post, I thought I would show you my favourite nude lipsticks!

This time of the year, we all like to make a special effort with our make up, but sometimes we just want to add a little colour to the lips if you have created an amazing smoky eye or you have just put enough make up on to look presentable in front of visiting family!


MAC Shy Girl (left) & Snob (right)

MAC lipsticks are 100% up with my all time favourite’s. There is just something about going to a MAC counter and picking out shades and swatching them all and coming out with a little piece of heaven!

The two shades that I think are perfect nudes are Shy Girl and Snob. Both I would class as nudes but they are two completely different colours!

Shy Girl is your more ‘traditional’ nude and gives you that your lips but better look. I tend to use this colour if I have gone all out with my make up and I don’t want to over do it with the lip colour. I do find that if I haven’t applied foundation or added a bit of bronzer then I can wash me out a little bit. Shy Girl is a Cremesheen formula so it isn’t the most long lasting of lipsticks but the colour makes up for that!

Snob is a beautiful pink nude colour and the one I tend to pick up more often and the one I usually find hanging around in the bottom of my handbag! The colour is just perfect for me and really compliments my skin tone. I tend to use this one if I am having a No Make up Make up day. Snob is a Satin finish so it has a little more staying power than Shy Girl. It adds a lovely shine to the lips and keeps them nice and hydrated!

Just on a last note, I absolutely love the smell of MAC lipsticks. I really don’t think you can beat it!

Anna xx


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