The Christmas Collection #9 – Highlighters!


Hello there!

I cannot believe how quickly this month has gone! Christmas is only just over a week away!

For this post, I wanted to share with you two of my favourite highlighters! One of them is drugstore and the other is quite high end. I do love a good highlighter and I think it looks beautiful swept along the top of the cheek bones and applied just under the brows to give them a bit of an uplift!

Seventeen Skin Wow liquid highlighter


I didn’t actually set out to buy this highlighter, I just picked it up at the Seventeen counter in Boots as it was on a 3 for 2 deal. I hadn’t heard anyone mention this product so I thought I would grab it and give it a go.

When I swatched the product on the back of my hand, it did look as if the glitter particles were very big so I was a little bit put off but I thought I would just give it a go anyway and I am so glad I did! The highlighter is a lovely very light pink Β colour that really looks good with my skin tone. A little bit of this product really does go a long way so you only need the tiniest amount and the best way I have found to apply this is with your fingers. You can also use this highlighter as a primer before you apply your foundation. The highlighter really does work wonders under your foundation and adds a beautiful glow that subtly comes through your foundation and although there is some glitter in it it doesn’t make you look like a shiny disco ball!

I say this product is 100% worth the Β£5.99 price tag!


(Mary-Lou Manizer on top and Skin wow on bottom)

theBalm Cosmetics – Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter


Now this one is definitely a well known product in the beauty blogging world and there is a reason for that…it is amazing!

There is just something about this highlighter that I absolutely love! The champagne shimmery delightfulness makes me happy just looking at it! This highlighter is wonderful and it is my favourite powder to dust on the tops of my cheek bones and under the brows. The way it reflects light off your face is outstanding and makes you look like you have a magical glow coming from within! The staying power of this product is actually not too bad, you can see a little bit of the shimmer left at the end of the day but not a huge amount.

If you have been putting off spending the Β£15 on this highligher, I suggest that you go straight to your nearest theBalm counter (which I have seen in some Superdrug stores yay!) and have a little swatch of your own, you will not be disappointed!

Hope you have enjoyed this post!

Anna xx


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