Dupe Alert – W7 In The Nude vs Urban Decay Naked3 with swatches.

Hey, Kaye here!

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m all for a bargain! If I can get a product that looks just as good as the original for half the price then I’m the first to snap it up. Don’t get me wrong I do love a high end product and the luxury of owning such things however, girl gotta EAT so if I can get a cheaper version I will!

Introducing Dupe Alert number one! W7 in the nude palette VS Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.

First of all lets start with packaging. As you can see from the pictures they both live in a rose gold metal case with gold writing. You’ll also notice that the detailing of the design on the case is also very very similar. The W7 palette is actually slightly bigger and a lot lighter than the Naked3.

When I opened the W7 palette the first thing I noticed was that unlike the Naked3 there is no mirror which is a slight disappointment but hey! we can’t have it all can we! The in palette brushes are also slightly different. The W7 one has the dreaded sponge applicator that I’m pretty sure only 5 year olds find a use for on one side and a flat brush on the other. Unlike the flat brush on one side of the Urban Decay brush and the fluffy end on the other.
As you can see by these photo’s the shades in the W7 palette look slightly darker than the Naked3 but in person they are a lot more similar.

Before we go any further I would just like to point out that in no way are the consistency and pigmentation of the shades the same. It’s extremely hard to recreate the soft buttery texture of Urban Decay’s shadows and W7 shadows do not have that same texture. They are wearable just not the same. I’d also like to point out that Urban Decay’s shadows are extremely pigmented and many of the picture’s you will see of the Urban Decay swatches are just one swatch whereas at times I needed to do 2/3 of the W7 shadows to build the colour. Ok now that’s cleared up onto the swatches!

The swatches on the left will always be Urban Decay’s Naked3 the swatches on the right will always be W7 In The Nude.
IMG_4051Strange vs Latte- As you can see Strange is slightly pinker whereas Latte has a strong white undertone with nowhere near as much pink to it.


Dust vs Angel- Ok so the sparkle of the shadows are extremely similar. Angel doesn’t have the same back colour as Dust leading it to look more like a glitter than a base colour with sparkle.


Burnout vs Venice – Again, like the previous shadow the effect has been mimicked however, the base colour lacks pigmentation from venice but the colour itself is nearly identical.


Limit vs Marilyn- Limit has a stronger purple undertone in comparison with Marilyn. I think the colours are similar but Marilyn leans more to the pink side. Marilyn was also soooooo hard to build up.


Buzz vs Copper Pot- I know in the picture Buzz looks a lot darker than Copper Pot my camera just wouldn’t pick up both shades and the shimmer made one or the other continuously look lighter. I can confirm that these shades are nearly identical with Copper Pot just being half a shade lighter than Buzz.


Trick vs Sun Kissed- Again like the last swatches my camera had the same problem picking up the look of these shadows. I again, can confirm that Trick and Sun Kissed are extremely similar with Sun Kissed again being around half a shade lighter.


Nooner vs Alice- Nooner is leaning more plum whereas Alice is slightly on the pink side. Not exact but I think we can agree they are similar.


Liar vs Bad Manners- The shade of these two shadows are pretty much the same the only difference being Liar has more shimmer which makes it look slightly lighter.


Factory vs Coffee Cup- W7 didn’t quite master this shade. Factory is a lot darker that Coffee Cup and Coffee Cup has a lot more of a brown undertone.


Mugshot vs Mudslide- Another pair of shadows that match, again the only difference being Mugshot has more shimmer to it making it appear lighter in the photos.


Darkside vs Tokyo- Tokyo has a greyish look to it whereas Darkside looks more purply undertoned. Not exact but similar.


Blackheart vs Fashionista- Unfortunately the camera couldn’t pick up the purple glitter which Fashionista has making it identical to Blackheart.


I personally think that the Urban Decay Naked3 palette if you can afford it is definitely the palette to go for out of the two. It oozes luxury, the creamy, soft shades are beautiful to apply, blend and look amazing. However, the W7 palette is a brilliant alternative if you are on a budget! The texture of the shadows may not be as velvety and they may not be as pigmented but they work!

The Urban Decay Naked3 palette is available from most department stores at a RRP of £38 and the W7 In the Nude palette  is available on Amazon and some peacocks stores for a RRP of £9.95 though can often be purchased for anything from £4.99!! Bargain!

Do you own either of the palettes? Are there any other good dupes you know of? I aim to do more dupe posts as I come across them so stay tuned!

Kaye x

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